Top Survival News of the Week #8/18


U.S. - Over 200 earthquakes in yellowstone

==> View Yellowstone earthquakes here

U.K. - 21 Earthquakes have hit the UK in the last 50 days

==> View UK quakes here

Have a plan for natural disasters. Stock up on food and supplies and tell your family and friends to do the same.


Billionaire's are buying bunkers for the apocalypse

==> View Billionaire bunkers here

Whenever these topics come up I always say one thing. Those people (on average) are a lot smarter than the rest of the masses. If they all seem to think that preparing is a wise choice and your not... well, I suggest you rethink your strategy.



Google has announced that there AI is able to predict heart disease through scanning the blood vessels in the eye. According to the researchers,

==> View article on Google AI here

Driverless cars coming sooner than you think.

==> View article on driverless cars in California

I recommend seriously thinking about whether or not you want the everyday things you do, to be controlled by an artificial intelligence. It's one thing to advance technology to make progress easier, but its another thing to surrender yourself to it.

These are all small steps leading towards a a huge problem. Research things like UN Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. These pleasures you take for granted are slowly being stripped away under the guise of technological advances.

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