5 Bug Out Vehicle Essentials

Bugging out doesn’t have to be a thousand mile journey on foot.

In most cases you should be able to travel with the speed of modern technology.

Whether it’s a truck, motorcycle, bicycle, airplane, or a tank, these are five things you should have ready to go in a moments notice.

go bag

1) Bug out car kit - this is like a bug out bag but it’s in your car. It should be built the same way as a bug out bag.

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Remember to have 3 days worth and base it on the amount of people in your household.

This will ensure your own survival in the event you don’t have your bug out bag with you.


2) Tarps - having netting, tarps or other camouflage covering can be great for concealing your vehicle if you stop for the evening.

It can also serve as a makeshift shelter in the event you stay longer than anticipated.

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These are also inexpensive items that can serve multiple purposes. I keep different varieties in my vehicle for different purposes. (Shelter, concealment, rain catcher, etc.)

fuel cans

3) Fuel - while it can be unsafe to keep a full gas can in your car, having a can to get gas in can help you in a bind.

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In addition to the fuel aspect, it’s wise to keep a small amount of other fluids (ie. oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc) for your specific vehicle.

Some cans even mount to your vehicle for safer keeping. Just be sure to cycle through your fuel regularly to ensure the fuel you use isn't bad.

vehicle lights

4) Spotlight - Sometimes your travels may not only be during the day.

Things happen and you may be required to work at night. Light is an important tool for such times.

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Any flashlight will do but if you have the option, a good handheld spotlight can help when making nighttime repairs, lighting up large areas for security purposes as well as signaling for help.

best HAM radio

5) Communications - The ability to communicate must not be underestimated. In a bug out situation, information is critical due to an ever changing environment.

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A good radio can help you communicate with far off places as well as get information on areas you may be headed to.

Now obviously...

... these are not the only essentials you should have in your bag. We will make other articles about more items that can improve your situation should you be in a bug out scenario.

What things are essential in your vehicle? Have you thought about all the scenarios you could encounter while bugging out? Go through your vehicle and make sure you're prepared when the time comes to go.

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