Top Survival News of the Week #7/18

Here's what happened this week in survival news

New Zealand - Many silicon valley elites are setting up apocalyptic bug out retreats for an impending doomsday event.

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Florida - It's been all over the news but for those who haven't seen it there was a school shooting in south Florida that took the lives of 17 and injured another 14.

Douglas Shooting

As with any other time these things happen, things are turning political with calls to ban firearms under the guise of "common sense gun control" methods.

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As with any of these so called "common sense" measures, the only thing they are capable of doing is punishing law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong and making it harder for the common individual to defend themselves.

What the pro gun side typically argues is that guns are merely a tool, it is the person that commits the act. With that said, 95% of these shooters are on some form of psychotropic medication.

The argument is never for research or ways to curb violence from these individuals but simply a blanket restriction upon the rights of the american people.

Murder is illegal, yet people still commit it. Drugs are illegal, yet people still obtain them. Banning something won't stop people from achieving the goal no matter how heinous it might be.

I suggest 1) if possible to homeschool your children. Get them out of the government system that is failing your children on so many levels. 2) I recommend you and you family get educated on firearms and the proper handling of such. 3) Finally, I recommend teaching your children how to watch for threats and avoid them at all costs.


Flu - Health officials are warning that this flu is going to continue to rage as the death toll continues to climb.

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Also, for those who are hardcore about getting their flu shots, the CDC has announced that this years flu shot is "less effective" than previous years.

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Take the shots at your own risk. In some cases you're more prone to getting sick after the fact versus letting your immune system do what it was made to do.

Norovirus - In South Korea, the first Olympic athletes have contracted the norovirus.

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We need to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings. If we're sick, we should stay home. If we are out and see ourselves around sick people, we should extract ourselves from those places.

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