Budget minded bug out retreats

There's a thin line to ride...

... between living comfortable preparing for uncertain futures, and being broke due to your preps. For those of you out there that want a bug out location but can't necessarily build a home somewhere, here are some cabin kits available that take a lot of work (and cost) out of the equation.

geodesic homes

Geodesic Domes - These homes are for someone with more eclectic tastes.

However, you can get this one for under $3,000.

==> Get this Geodesic Dome kit here

Granted this model doesn't come with siding so that would be a small, but additional cost to consider.

bug out location

Lillevilla Escape - This cabin is for the prepper who isn't into unorthodox homes but plans on more than likely being alone at their bug out location.

==> Get the Lillevilla Escape here

At 113 sqft, this comes off as more of a glorified shed. However, at under $5,000 this could take care of what you need if you use the space wisely.

vacation cabin

Allwood Bella - This cabin is now moving into the tiny home market coming in a 237 sqft with an 86 sqft loft.

==> Get the Allwood Bella here

Priced at under $18,000, to me this cabin is probably where a couple may want to start there search.

tiny homes

Allwood Eagle Point - This essentially is a home. It's 1108 sqft and has all the amenities you need in a home (bathroom, kitchen, living spaces, etc.).

==> Get the Allwood Eagle Point here

Priced at under $47,000 you could have yourself a 3 bedroom, 1 bath at a fraction of the cost.

survival retreat

Allwood Eagle Vista - This is the "Ah yeah" sized cabin. At 1336 sqft, this cabin has everything you need.

==> Get the Allwood Eagle Vista here

Essentially you're getting a 5 bedroom, 2 bath cabin for under $65,000! If that's not a great investment I don't know what is.

Whatever you choose...

... any of these homes would make a fine retreat on a secluded piece of property. Maybe you never need to use it for its intended purpose. Use it as a vacation retreat instead.

Owning property is usually a good investment. Especially if you can can invest for less than your return would be. Remember, you don't need much. A quarter acre of farmable land and a house will be enough to get your through tough times.

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