Do you have a Bug Out Location?

When you have to bug out...

... Do you know exactly where you will go? Do you know that place will be safer than the place you plan on leaving?

What makes a good bug out location and what are the steps to getting one is what this article is going to tackle today. First, lets start with the "what":

bug out location

What is a bug out location? - A bug out location is a place you can go to escape from immediate threats in your area. This doesn't always mean a cabin in the woods. It could be a family members house down the street. This is nothing more than a preplanned place of refuge.

What makes a good bug out location? - A good bug out location is a place that provides, or can provide an adequate amount of the four basic essentials (shelter, water, fire, and food).

"The woods", is not a bug out location. You will die if this is your plan. The majority of you out there are NOT Jeremiah Johnson. I say again, do not rely on the woods as a source of protection.

I would also like to add that security should also be a concern. If you can't keep the stuff you worked hard for than what is the point?

The "Where" is also important. Where you position your location in relation to your current location is important as well. I suggest checking out Strategic Relocation to help with this, I did a review for it here.

==> Read about the book "Strategic Relocation here

The "rule of thumb" is that for every 1 million in population, your location should be at least 100 miles away. This is for those cataclysmic scenarios where the whole world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

For example, Los Angeles has a population of just under 4 million. That would mean the if you wanted to avoid a whole lot of people from the L.A. area, your location would need to be around 400 miles away (St. George, Utah).

Now this is just a recommendation and is in no way a guarantee for safety. As a matter of fact, it may be more dangerous trying to get to your location depending on the circumstances.

What you want is a place that has the capability of growing and raising food (1/4 acre minimum). You need a reliable water source, via spring or well. You need warmth and power (think off grid solutions). Most importantly, you need a home on that property.

With that said, lets discuss the steps to achieve this goal:

Basic Steps to a Bug Out Location

Step 1: Find and purchase the property. There are places to find affordable property out there and many are on auction sites like Billyland which allow you to get decent land at an affordable price.

However, there is a lot more due diligence required when purchasing a property through an auction site. I would recommend researching and even visiting if possible to ensure you don't get ripped off.

Step 2: Plan your future retreat. This is the time that you start working with the city or county and find out what things you'll be able to do on that property.

I also recommend checking out the book "The Secure Home" it's by the same author as Strategic Relocation and will help you in your planning stages. Look next week for the review on that book.

Hopefully you figured out the meat and potatoes before you made the purchase. Now that you know what land is capable of you can plan location of the house, gardens, and other homestead facilities.

Step 3: Install facilities. This is the time to dig your well and install your septic system. Once you are set on your utilities its time to build that house.

This also includes any security systems or other precautionary systems you plan on having at your retreat. This is especially important if it's not a place you frequent often.

These systems can also include fire suppression systems which would be a good idea if you live in an area prone to wildfires.

Step 4: Build your house... it's self explanatory.

bug out

Step 5: Plan and prepare your garden. If you plan on having orchards, vegetable gardens and livestock now is the time to get those things set up.

Fruit trees take time to mature and produce abundant fruit. . Be sure you get those in sooner rather than later.

Step 6: Turn your house into a home. Bring in furniture, goods and everything you'd need to make a transition comfortably. I would lock food stores up either in a lockable shed or hidden pantry.

This does require work

That doesn't mean it's impossible, it just means that if this is something you want, you need to start buckling down now. I personally already have my property. Now I'm in the planning stages and can't wait to get started on the installation part.

Do you have plans for a retreat? If so, how far along are you? Building a place to get away whether for good reasons or bad is an exciting time in a persons life. Whatever you decide to do, keep at it and good luck!

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