Top Survival News of the Week #5/18


California - The bay area has received 7 earthquakes in the last seven days and twenty-six in the last month. The largest registering 5.0 out of Humboldt County.

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There seems to be a lot of activity on faults throughout the world. My recommendation is to make a plan, and be prepared for the possibility of something happening in your area. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Scientists are warning that a major California earthquake due any minute.

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Flu - Public health officials are expecting up to 50,000 flu related deaths this season.

So far, thirty-seven children have died and the bulk of infections affecting the baby-boomer generation.

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Schools in 11 states have closed due to what some are referring to as an epidemic.

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If you're saying why doesn't everyone just go get their vaccine's? Well, this is a great example of the effectiveness of flu vaccines.

In the article, the director of the CDC's influenza division is quoted as saying "The vaccine works especially poorly this year. Preliminary data suggest the shots are likely about 30% effective against H3N2 and closer to 40% against all viruses that they include".

You basically have a better chance of not getting sick by just staying home. Although, you'll never be told that due to the financial repercussions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Health officials are also warning about the spread of the flu during the Super Bowl.

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Puerto Rico - Last month saw a massive number is deaths in Puerto Rico as the island continues to try and recover from the devastation of hurricane Maria.

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Again, I suggest with any of these subjects that the best thing you can do is prepare. Plan on you, and your family's safety. Don't depend on anyone else to have your back.

Prepare as if no one else exists and should something happen and you receive help, it will just be a bonus. Stay safe and stay tuned for next weeks recap.

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