Top Survival News of the Week #4/18

Nuclear War

Hawaii - A week ago, an article came out discussing what an actual nuclear attack on Honolulu would look like. It's an interesting conversation to have and arguably relevant considering everything going on this month.

Nuclear War

==> Read article on what a nuclear attack would look like here

It's definitely an article worth reading and taking some perspective into what your plan is in the event it were to happen to you.

Chicago - The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists on Thursday moved the "Doomsday Clock" to 2 minutes to midnight. The clock is meant to serve as a symbol to how close mankind is to global destruction.

==> Read about doomsday clock here

The last time the clock was at two minutes to midnight was in 1953 when the United States and the Soviet Union were testing hydrogen bombs.

Truth be told, it seems more and more like there are operatives concocting threats to scare the masses. Any sort of research will show that governments have always performed "false flag" events to rally the masses towards a certain side.

I recommend questioning everything you hear and read. Remember, if the media is hyping it up, they're either pushing an agenda or covering one up.


Flu - The flu is more than likely going to remain in these stories for the next few months. Health experts are claiming that the numbers of people contracting the flu is steadily rising.

==> Read article on rising number of flu deaths here

Remember, if you're sick, STAY HOME! Don't leave the house until you're better. Wash your hands, drink plenty of fluids and chow down on some healthy foods.

Hospitals and other medical facilities are still facing supply shortages all over the country. This is not helping the current flu outbreak and again, if you can avoid people... do it.

--> Read about supply shortages here

Zombies?! - Yes you read that right, there are reports of concerns that a disease affecting deer known as "Chronic Wasting Disease" is killing a large number of the deer population in North America.

==> Read article on zombie deer problem here

Scientists are worried about the possible transmission from deer to humans though they have not seen a case as of yet. For now, if you're hunting and come across a deer with the disease, it is recommended that you DO NOT eat it.


Venezuela - As if the hell hole that is Venezuela couldn't get worse, looting has now become one of the only ways to survive.

A store owner was quoted in the article saying "I think we are headed for chaos.” No sir, you're not headed for chaos, you're smack dab in the middle of it.

==> Read article on Venezuelan looting issue here

Say no to socialism people... Just say no.


Alaska - The state of Alaska suffered a 7.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Kodiak. This in turn triggered tsunami warnings all over the west coast.

==> Read Alaskan tsunami warning here

The earthquake was so powerful, it even changed the water tables in Florida. This caused some areas in southern Florida to have a drop in water tables and others further north to raise.

==> Read about Alaskan earthquake and Florida well changes here

No one is immune from natural disasters. Make a plan, get educated on as much as you can and work with those around you to do the same.

California - A fault has been discovered under Beverly Hills. The images in the article showing the fault lines show a large amount quite close to one another.

==> Read fault under beverly Hills here

Could these fault lines create a scenario not unlike "Escape from LA"? Someone should have Kurt Russell on standby in the event it goes down.

Bloomberg - I'm not sure what's going on but there seems to be a large amount of insanity and tyranny as certain environmentalists and animal activists claim they are close to pushing through a meat tax.

==> Read about proposed meat tax here

England - sandwiches are destroying the planet. There claim is that the sandwich has in a roundabout way contributed to global warming.

==> Read about sandwiches and global warming here

Tokyo - This is not counting the fact that many places are seeing record cold temps around the globe. Tokyo for instance has seen an uptick in ambulance emergencies due to a cold spat that has hit the island nation.

==> Read about record cold Tokyo temps here

It's frustrating fighting with people who want to control literally every aspect of your life. All the way down to what you eat.

I recommend starting to stand up for yourself and instead of fighting about the issues. Make the argument about why they feel the need to control your life.


So if you were wondering what scientists would were going to do next to "play God" well, they just cloned some apes and declared "humans are next".

==> Read about apes being cloned here

We are clearly living in the world of science fiction. the approaching technocracy is here and may be too large to stop. My advice is to educate yourself on the purposes of these projects and find out what your principles are.

Worried about your privacy? Well it's about to get a lot more anxiety filled as some phones coming out are going to have the ability to see through walls.

==> Read about cameras seeing through walls here

There are ways to combat this but they are expensive and very time consuming. My recommendation is to keep an eye on your surrounding and stop people from intruding in your privacy.


California - Housing prices have reached record heights and have even broken highs during the housing bubble in 2007.

==> Read about housing prices here

This is causing concern with people who think that we may be in another bubble. My personal opinion is yes. We are absolutely in a bubble right now. Will it pop like 2008? That remains to be seen.

My recommendation is to work on your savings. If you're buying a home, don't do it if you can't afford it. As of right now housing prices are predicted to continue increasing. Keep you head on a swivel.

Puerto Rico - As if the island of Puerto Rico couldn't get any worse, economic experts and government officials are predicting economic AND population drops over the next few years.

==> Read about Puerto Rico's economic and population drop forecast here

As sad as this is, it is a prime example of why you should not put trust in the government. The bureaucracy there is like none other in the U.S.. If you want results you need to take care of yourself.

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