Survival Seeds When You Need Them Most

Homesteading starts with the home

Part of maintaining a homestead is being able to provide yourself with an endless supply of food. As most of you may know, the only way to truly have an endless supply is to grow and raise your own food.


In order to keep this blog from turning into the “War and Peace” length edition of homesteading, let’s keep it to growing a small garden to get started.

When looking for the best quality starter pack, I recommend the Organic Seed Vault by Patriot Supply

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The best selection of seeds…

… That I have found are in the survival seed vault. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to gardening, or have been homesteading for years. The survival seed vault is a great collection to start with as a base.

When I first started gardening, I went a little overboard on seeds. I spent hundreds on different varieties of fruits and vegetables. I wanted to grow things nobody else had.

What I ended up doing was wasting my money on plants I couldn’t grow, either due to the fact that I was ignorant on how to grow a certain variety, or I simply just didn’t have the room.

It was a valuable lesson to learn.

With the seed vault, all of that guess work is taken out of the equation. The vault contains fruit and vegetable seeds already selected to eliminate the need to over buy.

organic garden

With such a wide variety of foods inside, you can grow these, see what you do and don’t like and make adjustments afterward.

==> Get the Organic Seed Vault here


  • Blue Lake Bush Bean

  • California Wonder Bell

  • Marketmore Cucumber

  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot

  • Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce

  • Golden Acre Cabbage

  • Detroit Dark Red Beet

  • Cascadia Pea

  • California Light Red Kidney Beans

  • Beefsteak Tomato

  • Cherry Belle Radish

  • Green Sprouting Broccoli

  • Waltham Butternut Winter Squash

  • Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

  • Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion

  • Roma Tomato

  • Hales Best Cantaloupe

  • Snowball Cauliflower

  • Black Beauty Zucchini

  • Standard Chives

  • Sugar Baby Watermelon

Let’s see what others are saying

I purchased the heirloom seed collection as a gift for my daughter, she plants a garden yearly. Very good selection of seeds. - Rose, Alabama September 2017

Best seeds for the most reasonable price around. The variety plus the quality make this my go-to place for seeds. - Emily, Pennsylvania January 2018

The organic part closed the deal. We were looking for heirloom. And non-GMO. Now the bonus of being organic. Easy to purchase. Shipped fast. Actually ordered a second one once I receive the first one. Thumbs up! - C. Davis, Washington July, 2017

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