Top Survival News of the Week #3/18

It's been an interesting week for survival news. Here's what happened this week.


- So, apparently, some guy who works for the government in Hawaii was testing their emergency missile alert system. When testing the alert system he "accidentally" sent a message to the state warning of an incoming ballistic missile.

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This in turn caused mass panic. Parents throwing their kids into storm drains, (which won't help you by the way) and pretty much made for a chaotic Saturday morning on the island chain.

With the current situation in North Korea, people think Hawaii will be an easy target for the North Koreans if they decide they want to attack the United States.

- The Pope has even come out saying he believes we are on the brink of nuclear war.

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I wouldn't put a whole lot into what this Pope says. He's said a lot of controversial things and some have even questioned whether or not he was Christian!

Yes, nuclear war will always be a threat so long as there are nuclear weapons. The key is to ensure that the usage of these weapons is as close to nonexistent as possible.

If you fear the possibility of a nuclear attack on your soil, I would recommend investing in a fallout shelter. I will put an article out on a great book detailing ways to achieve getting one.


- A report from Dallas came out that a 6 year old girl taking Tamiflu, a symptom relief medication for people with the flu, started suffering from a rare form of psychosis.

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Doctors claim that this affects less than one percent of people who take it, but the parents say they won't take that chance again.

- This flu in particular seems to be affecting more Americans that previous years. With an overload on patients, some hospitals are banning visitors due to cross contamination and over crowding.

flu outbreak

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- Also, in this recent article, studies are showing that you can get the flu just from breathing contaminated air.

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- The Illinois Department of Public Health is warning of a measles contamination at O'Hare airport this week. A passenger who arrived internationally was found to be contagious with measles.

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Measles is very contagious and in the right conditions, can stay alive in the air for up to two hours. The health department is asking that individuals who may have been exposed seek treatment immediately.

- Another disturbing article has come out this week about possibly a new virus coming out of Africa. Right now being referred to as "Eye Bleeding Fever". A virus similar to Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic fever that has caused horrific deaths in some African nations.

The virus also resembles the bubonic plague or "black death" which killed an estimated 25 million people, or third of the european population in the middle ages and has killed 143 people last year in East Africa and infected 1,947 in the region.

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I don't want, and legally can't tell people medical advice. However, it seems to me that if you or someone in your family is sick... STAY HOME! Wash your hands, eat healthy and take care of your body.

This way we don't infect other people and have a better shot at not getting sick in the first place. Also, I try to avoid political points of view on this site and during this current time, this particular topic seems to be a hot one.

BUT it would seem wise to me that if we in America have very minimal issues with deadly viruses maybe it would behoove us to not let people in that are carrying massive plague level diseases that have decimated continents.

In no way am I saying we shouldn't help developing nations that still struggle with these issues, but we also need to look out for ourselves. We can't help others if we are incapacitated as well. Moving on.



- The president of the Cryonics Institute based in the U.S. has stated that within ten years, (you read that right) they will be able to reanimate frozen humans.

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His institute has almost 2,000 people signed up to be frozen. 160 already are. He is quoted as saying "Cryonically bringing someone back to life should definitely be doable in 100 years, but it could be as soon as ten."

- Stanford has also developed an AI that can predict when a terminally ill patient will die with up to 90% accuracy.

==> Read AI death prediction article here


- An architect in Hong Kong has showcased his "OPod Tubes". Small, eight foot diameter tubes for one to two people to live in.

The architect claims that this is the answer to affordable housing and overpopulated cities. the tubes come equipped with a "living room with a bench that converts into a bed, a mini-fridge, a bathroom, a shower and plenty of storage space for clothes and personal items."

==> Read human home pod article here

If you know nothing about "Agenda 21", I recommend freshening up on the subject. It is an agenda set in place by the United Nations to control population centers. I know it sounds crazy but I promise you... it's real.

In order for something like that to take place, you first need the infrastructure. Think the "tiny house" fad is a coincidence? Imagine a world where you are told is "overpopulated", so a simple program is put in place in which humans can take turns inhabiting the planet.

I know that sounds far fetched and I feel crazy writing it. But I just told you about an article where cryogenically frozen people are about to be brought back to life. We are entering the world of science fiction whether we like it or not.

South Africa

- In Cape Town, residents of the city are being warned that they may RUN OUT OF WATER! Yes, that's right, the entire city is running out of water.

City officials say that the city could be completely tapped out by April of this year. The area is currently experiencing a drought. That, combined with a growing population and poor water management is what is leading to this crisis.

==> Read South Africa Water Crisis here

This would be the first major city to ever run out of their water supply. Cape Town gets their water from local dams surrounding the city. Officials are now trying different methods of replenishing the water by tapping into aquifers, desalinating sea water and recycling wastewater.

Droughts are common occurrences on the planet. It's important that if you have the ability to have an off grid water supply you should do so. Be dependent upon yourself. That will lead to safer water practices AND safer water altogether.



- The Reno, NV area has experience over 230 earthquakes since last Thursday. It's said that most likely no one has felt any of them but seismographs have been going nuts.

==> Read the Reno earthquake article here

Again, and I cannot stress this enough... HAVE A PLAN! You typically don't know when a natural disaster is going to strike in your area so it's best to be prepared now. Work on having at least a month's worth of food and water.

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