Top Survival News of the Week #2/18


The second week of the year has been pretty consistent.

We've seen societal issues, natural disasters and the like. Here's a recap of the top survival news this week.


Latin America

In an article that came out on the 8th, individuals in Venezuela have taken to scouring the polluted waterways in search of treasures.

If you're wondering what an SHTF situation would really look like, look no further than Venezuela. The collapse that this country is suffering through is nothing short of catastrophic.

==> View article here

You may have seen articles in the past of people in Venezuela resorting to eating pets and pretty much anything they can find. Don't be surprised when reports of cannibalism break out.

I recommend thoroughly studying what people are going through there and take preparations for yourself. Teach your family members and friends how to be ready in the event a catastrophic event comes knocking on their door.

North Korea

North and South Korea have started up talks hopefully leading to a release in the tension thats been brewing for the last few weeks.

==> View North Korea Article here

This could be great news for the planet. I want to remain hopeful that tensions will improve. However, I recommend everyone keep their head on a swivel and still prepare for the worst.



A massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake erupted in caribbean Tuesday night and a tsunami warning was issued to Puerto Rico

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If you live on an island, it's important to have a plan because natural disasters seem to be more prone depending on your location. Puerto Rico is still trying to recover from last years hurricanes that still have many parts of the island without power.

This is also a great case study as to the benefits of being prepared.


Tuesday morning residents in southern California woke to madness as mudflows destroyed large areas around Santa Barbara.

==> See mudflow article here

At least 13 have been declared dead due to the torrential mud flows that struck the town of Montecito.



If you didn't need more reasons to not eat raw or in house prepared food from convenience stores, a 7-11 in Salt Lake City has had a contaminated worker exposing peoples food to hepatitis A. Health workers are encouraging people that have purchased fruit, fountain drinks and cooked foods to go get their shots asap!

==> View hepatitis article here

This is concerning because it could potentially happen anywhere. To be completely safe, I would just stick to foods you're absolutely sure of, (stay away from convince store foods)


Hospitals are seeing an influx of patients due to this years flu and as a result are seeing a shortage in supplies. Hospitals seem to be running low on saline bags used to treat patients who may be suffering from dehydration.

With many supplies going towards relief efforts in places like Puerto Rico, may places stateside are feeling the effects.

==> IV bag shortage article here

So far there have been over 100 flu related deaths this season and it's causing concern for many health officials.

==> View Flu related deaths article here

We can't fight off every cold. It's important however to keep our bodies as healthy as we can. A stronger immune system means a better chance of not getting sick. Stock up on vitamin C and colloidal silver. Most important... STAY HYDRATED!



As we detour back to Venezuela, food shortages are an obvious. This particular article released this week discusses the massive food shortages and resulting supply truck raids.

As well as a supposed event that took place where some individuals stormed a cattle pasture chasing a cow down and beating it to death.

==> Read about food riots here

As sad as this is, I cannot stress the importance of preparedness. Store food and water at your house. Buy seeds and learn how to grow your own food. Tell your neighbors to do the same. Have a plan. Fight the encroachment of socialism into your country. Because if it gets a foothold, this is exactly what you're in store for.


32 people have been murdered in Puerto Rico since the start of the new year. Officials are concerned that they are going to witness a sharp murder spike in the country as people try to rebuild from the devastating effects of hurricane Maria.

==> READ about murder spike here

It's more important than ever to keep your head on a swivel. Nobody is immune to these types of situations. You can look anywhere in the world and see that when the status quo degrades, peoples animal instincts emerge.