Get the best bag for your survival kit

This is a big debate starter

When it comes to your survival kit and go bag. Is there a better bug out bag on the market? Absolutely. Most of us however, cannot afford a $300 Eberlestock. I know... I want one.

bug out bag

For most of us, when it comes to our bug out kit we want a quality product that won't break the bank.

Which is why I chose the VooDoo Tactical Praetorian Rifle Pack.

==> Find the Praetorian Pack here

Most people I talk to want to know what the "bug out bag for sale" that they can put their survival gear in.

My advice... to look for bag companies that have good reputations and provide bags in the middle market. Not cheap... But also not bank breaking.

Your bug out bag kit should be reliable and yet suit your economical abilities. When you're putting together your survival backpack you should first try to envision what you're fleeing from.

If your bug out bag list involves you carrying multiple weapons, than I suggest you highly consider this bag. Some people envision carrying a pistol, hunting rifle/shotgun and some battle rifle.

VooDoo Tactical

This goodie bag allows you to carry all of the above with its built in carrying platform.

Holster your pistol, sling your AR and pack away that bolt action.

==> Check out the Praetorian Pack here

It leaves lots more room and comes with a hydration pouch, YKK Zippers and a removable padded waist belt.

This bag is perfect for all of your survival and emergency preparedness needs.

It even comes with webbing on the bottom so you can attach your sleeping bag.

In all I think this is a quality pack that will suit your needs for a quality bug out bag. Yes you can spend more and get a better bag, but I think this pack presents a good compromise between quality and cost.

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Amazing bag!! Well built and great quality. - Josh January 18, 2017

Well made backpack. Just a friendly notice though: it is a lot heavier than one would expect. I hope to get years of use out of it - Mash January 14, 2016

Purchased to carry large take-down rifle. Fits in the internal pocket. Not a diversion bag, but certainly less obvious than a rifle case. - Mike April 11, 2016

Great pack. Pretty decent price. definately money's worth. Very much a spacialty bag, for packing a rifle. as a GHB, bug out, etc, you could do better. this pack rocks for it'sintended purpose. i've loaded it down and it has persevered. - reihn January 14, 2017

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