Top Survival News of the Week #1

Mother Nature

Mount St. Helens

It seems that 2018 is getting off to an interesting start.

Since New Years day there have been 40 earthquakes around Mt St. Helens.

While I don't think that at the moment there's cause for panic, I would run possible scenarios through my head if I lived in the area.

I would recommend doing some research into the last eruption.

==> Read the article on Mt St. Helens here

Speaking of earthquakes...

... a 4.4 earthquake was recorded in the Berkeley area in Northern California. This has spiked concerns with some who are worried about "the big one" finally erupting on the San Andreas fault.

Again, while I don't see this as cause for concern, it is always wise to asses your plans in the event something bad does happen.

If you're not sure you're plan is up to par, Check out the bug in/out calculator in our shop.

==> Read the article on the Berkeley quake here

In other Natural News

The Northeast is currently getting plastered by a massive snow storm. The impacts of this storm are being felt as south as North Florida with residents in Lake City, Florida waking up to find everything outside coated in ice.

==> Read the snow storm article here

While many in the Northeast are used to an occasional blizzard, it's important to have backups for your cold weather essentials. Mainly heat, and food. Depending on where you are you could be stuck for days if the storm is really bad.

Wile a few days won't kill you when it comes to food, the heat on the other hand is a different story. I recommend having a secondary means of warmth in the event the heat goes out.

War on the horizon

Just when you though you may have had enough with the wars in the middle east, things are starting to tense up in Asia as well. China's president, Xi Jinping was reported to tell his military to prepare for war.

==> See article on China here

China has had a long time relationship with North Korea and hopefully cooler heads will prevail in these times. With President Trump and NK's Kim Jung Un constantly sharing words, maybe China will play the role of diplomat and calm things down.

Speaking of North Korea

the North Korean regime has been all over the news as of recent with there ballistic missile tests. It is now believed the they have the capability of striking anywhere in the continental United States.

A test this passed week however, failed miserably as one of there missiles accidentally hit a North Korean City.

==> Read the article on North Korea here

Personally, despite these facts, I don't view the North Koreans as a threat to the US. However, I would direct you to a particular document title "Rebuilding America's Defenses" It came out in September of 2000 and specifically listed every nation we are currently in conflict with (Afghanistan being the only exception).

Read the report here. Specifically pages 51 and 52 which discuss the nations hostile to America

War with China would not be good for the UnitedStates. China is a nuclear power and despite the fact that I don't think they are yet strategically prepared for a major conflict, they are on that path and will most certainly be there in the near future.

It would be wise to have a strategy with you and your family of what you plan to do in the event a catastrophe of those sorts comes knocking on your door.

In military tech news

An article came out this week detailing many of the newest weapons in the US military's arsenal (that they'll tell us about).

==> Read the military tech article here

2018 looks like it is on track to be quite an exciting year. Take the time now to put forth the effort into making plans for you and your loved ones.

Store food and water and remember to keep your ears open and your head on a swivel. It just might save your life.

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