A New Year... A New You

Make 2018 the year you turned it all a round.

For those of you with a short memory, 2017 was an intense year from a survival standpoint. Massive hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters were enough to show people how under prepared they are.


Wildfires scorched the west coast causing over a billion dollars in damage, leaving thousands homeless. Could things have been done differently? Yes. But hindsight is always 20/20.

For this new year, we need to remember all of the situations that have occurred and how we can better prepare to survive them should they happen to us again.

2017 Wasn't All Mother Nature's Fury

It was man-made too. In October, the U.S. had its most deadly mass shooting in modern history. in addition, rebellious anti-american groups are rising up and causing mayhem in an attempt to overthrow a government they don't agree with, and stifle free speech of the same.

Governments around the world seem to be working against their people. Sweden now ranks No. 2 in rapes per capita due to leading the way in open migration without proper assimilation. (92% of their rapes committed by migrant/assylum seeker)

In the United States, California is set to implement harsher gun controls for the state despite already having some of the strictest laws in the country. Yet, despite their anti-gun sentiments, they were not able to find a man guilty for illegally possessing a firearm and killing Kathryn Steinle.

(Note: the only thing he was found guilty on was possessing the firearm)

In no way could this be that the alleged Jose Garcia was an illegal alien and California (San Francisco in particular) considers themselves to be a place of sanctuary regardless of the law.

Truck attacks were also on the rise in 2017. As well as smaller, planned targeted attacks around the world.

When history looks back on the past year it will more than likely show a chaotic mess. After the storm passes however, there is calm. A time to reflect and make changes to better prepare oneself.

2018 Won't Be Without It's Challenges

This winter is said to have some of the coldest temperatures on record. New laws go into effect in states like California, that will inhibit the rights of it's citizens.


As of right now there are also reports of massive anti and pro-government protests going on in Iran and the North Korea situation continues to heat up.

If we want to continue to progress as a species its important that we get past all of this identity politics and start looking ahead to the future.

Instead of everyone trying to control one another, lets come together under big goals.

Is there hope?

Of course there is hope! We just need to stop worrying about things that don't actually matter. I personally would have a lot more time on my hands if I didn't debate with people over petty things.

New Years

We should start setting big goals. Not just for society, but for ourselves as well. Take 2018 to focus on yourself.

Stop getting caught up in the constant drama pumped out by the media and social media.

Make time this year to improve on or start a hobby. AND FOR GOODNESS SAKES PLEASE START PREPARING!!! Let 2017 be a lesson to all that bad things can happen at anytime from anyone and from anywhere.

Stay safe, Spend more time with your loved ones and have a happy new year!

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