Recommended Fire Gear

Fire. You wouldn't be here without it

The discovery of fire changed the world for humanity. It provided three things for us that took us from cave dwellers to building massive cities and they were heat, light, and cooking.

This article is about the gear that now substitutes the job that fire used to, but still can perform. We'll provide you with some nifty little tools to help you with any light, heat, and cooking problems you may come across.

Let there be light

Here are four items to help you with any light issues you may come across:

emergency essentials

Emergency Candles - these are great in the event you run out of batteries or fuel for your generator.

You'd be surprised how dark it gets when all light ceases to exist. This particular package gives you over 14 days worth of light!

==> Get these candles here

Ive got a few candles, but none at this level. It'll definitely be something I stock up on.


Flashlights - This is what most people stock up on whenever a crisis is rearing it's ugly head.

Surefire is a very trusted brand. They offer quality products and the more you're willing to pay, the more quality you can get.

==> Get the surefire flashlight here

This product will last you a long time. (As long as you stock up on batteries) Speaking of which... Don't forget to get your batteries here.

While that last product is great to have on you at all times, sometimes you need something a little... bigger. Thats where the next product comes in.

survival kit

Spotlights - These are the heavy duty versions of the flashlight.

==> Get this torch here

This will definitely light up the darkness, should you need to start working early, or end up working late.

Being able to continue having light after the sun goes down is something most of us take for granted.

Don't get caught in the dark. Supply yourself with the proper lighting materials.

Let me stand next to your fire

When most of us think of fire, we think of heat. That element of life, burning fuel and radiating warmth. So how about for this next topic we discuss means to stay warm.

Being able to start a fire (without modern technology) is a great skill to have. If you don't know how to start a fire, stay tuned for a video where I'll teach different methods to do so.

survival kit

Instant Survival Magnesium Fire Starter - This this thing is pretty cool.

I don't want to get into a ton of info on this because I already did a review on it.

==> Click here to check out this fire starter.

fire piston

Fire Piston - Fire pistons are cool. They take the spark from a regular magnesium fire starter and direct it through a small hole ensuring a better chance of starting a fire.

==> Get your fire piston here

These are smart gadgets that are sure to get a fire going in most conditions.


Storm Lighters - These are nothing more than heavy duty lighters.

==> Get your storm lighter here

This particular on can keep a flame through winds of 70 - 80 miles and hour!

This is probably something to have if you live in a place that gets bad storms (i.e.; hurricanes, blizzards, etc.)

If you've ever tried to light something when the wind is whipping up you know how difficult it can be. Make life easier with this quality storm lighter.

Sometimes we can have a fire. when those situations happen, (and believe me, they do) you'll want to be prepared for that also.

Cold camping

This is a term used for when you do not have a fire. This could be due to the elements, your supplies, or even stealth and light discipline.

Just because you can't build a fire though doesn't mean you need to freeze out there either. In times like these, I sit back and praise modern ingenuity that somewhere is a genius who thought up the HotHands Warmers.

Body warmers

I have personally benefitted from these remarkable products. If you've cold camped before, you know sleep is hard to come by.

I had some of the foot warmers from this company. That particular night was pretty chilly, and my feet were paying the price.

I slapped one of these on each of my socks and was so comfortable, I actually passed out for an additional 6 hours!

These aren't just good in a survival situation. If you've ever been skiing, or at a sporting event and been so cold you wanted to leave.

This product could've made you so warm you would be looking to shed clothing! I highly recommend everyone have these on hand regardless of what you think you need them for.

Check out the other varieties too:

Again, just because you may have to cold camp, doesn't mean you have to suffer. Keep this gear around and you'll never have a cold night again.

Cooking... No matter the circumstances

Our last topic is on cooking. I'm going to give three items that will help you cook in the event there is not a working kitchen around.


best survival gear

GRILLIPUT - This item is cool. It's a grill on the go.

Gone are the days of cooking on rocks and sticks.

Within this small tube contains an entire grill that takes mere moments to set up. I love this item. If you have a means to build a fire, or even a stereo can, you can cook you food hassle free.

==> Get the Grilliput here

This is a great item to carry in a bug out bag or with your camping gear. Its compact, lightweight design will not be a nuisance to carry and should you need it, you'll be very glad you have it.


BIOLITE CAMPSTOVE - This little stove is a modern wonder.

It combines heat, cooking, and the ability to charge your gear all at the same time.

==> Get the BioLite CampStove here

A down side to this is weight. It is a bit more of a burden to lug around. However, it's features could be work their weight if you ever got in a pinch.

It's definitely something you want to think about carrying, even if it's for your vehicle. It's a smart piece of technology that will more than likely be the future of outdoor gear. Don't pass up this item.

Last, but not least

Finally we come to our final item. This was tough for me because there really is so much great gear out there. The items I picked are quality items that can help you if you're ever out in the wilderness.

Are there are better products on the market? Sure, and there are certainly a lot worse. I picked products that the everyday person could afford.

solar generator

HOMEGRID 5000HD SOLAR GENERATOR - This baby rounds out your fire needs.

Fire, is nothing more than energy being spent. So it's important to have an alternate source of energy on hand that can supplement many of the things you currently depend on.

==> Get the solar generator here

Some people out there depend on their propane grills and don't think about the eventuality that those things are finite.


Have another solution. Get a generator. Not one dependent upon fuel either. Get a solar generator just like the one here.

This thing will do a lot more than power your hot plate. At a 5,000 watt capability, this generator will provide backup for electronics, lights, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, high surge kitchen appliances and power tools.

This thing is worth every penny... and it better be because it costs a lot of pennies! Don't be left in the dark, cold and hungry. Do what's right for you and your family and make purchases that matter.

Supplement your home with the gear you need to avoid a potentially life threatening crisis.

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