Recommended Water Gear

When it comes to water... can never have enough. Being able to source, purify and store water is paramount. This doesn't just have to be for some outdoor survival gear.

This topic also goes well with an disaster preparedness kit you might have at your house. Having a good supply of water on hand will ensure that you are capable of surviving long term for most situations.

Let's start with the basics

Being able to purify water in a pinch is going to be very helpful to you. Thats why I recommend having a series of different ways to filter and purify water So let's break it down, shall we?

- Side note, there is a rule I like to abide by; and that's "two is one, one is none." It means have a back up because more than likely you're going to lose, break, or not have your primary means.

water purification tablets
Life Straw

ON THE GO - For your bag, whether it be everyday carry or a bug out bag, I recommend having water purification tablets.

I also Recommend having a life straw to pair with this is the event you run out of tablets or if you use up your filter.

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OUT IN THE CAR - Not every situation is going to be you and your backpack, hiking through the hills to avoid zombies and whatnot.

You may just be in your car and it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Not always the best situation to be in. I recommend having a slightly larger filter in your car, as well as the one of the other two items.


Gear like the Katadyn water filter pictured to the left is a great tool to process a larger amount of water than the previous two items. You could also carry one of these in your backpack but I left it out due to bulkiness.

Get your Katadyn Water Filter here <==

So, if we recap real quick you'll see that if you did just these two things (preparing your car and backpack) you've made yourself a lot better off from a mobile stand point.

Since however, filtering water is not the only thing you need lets look at a mobile means of carrying water.

IT'S IN THE TRUNK! - I like having water on hand before I use all this cool gear. I'm not going to get into water bottles though. (Although go see my blog on my thermal water bottle review.)

Emergency essentials

I like to carry a 5 gallon water can with me in the car at all times. It's not just great for drinking, but cleaning and even vehicle repairs or maintenance.

I just make sure to change the water out regularly and use a container that's BPA free... Like this one

==> Get this water container here

It's large enough to carry a decent amount of water, but also compact enough to slide into a tighter space for safe keeping.

Well, this next vehicle water storage solution isn't for everyone. You'll see why in a moment. I just wanted to show that ingenuity can be your friend.

Step up your game

When you're on the go, your only options are really what you can carry with you. At home however, that is an entirely different story. At home, you can have more complicated means of water storage and filtration. Let's explore those now

Some of us may have water filters on our refrigerator. Those are great little tools but they really don't filter out a whole lot. I wouldn't depend on my refrigerator water filter to get me through a crisis.


What I recommend starting with is a gravity fed water filter like this one.

Get the ProPur water filter here <==

Gravity fed filtration systems are great because the only need water and gravity to work.

Simply pour the water into the top container and goes through the filter, dripping into the lower container.

It eliminates chemicals, bugs, and a whole lot of other bad elements from your water.

They come in a lot of different sizes and they require no skills or techniques to use.

On the down side, it relies on you to fill it. So, if you don't put water in the top, you won't have water in the bottom. It's more of a minor nuisance than anything else.

This will be one of the best purchases you make, I guarantee it. When it comes to home filtration, get a gravity fed water filter and improve the quality of your water.

reverse osmosis

INSTALLED SYSTEMS - If you are looking for something that is installed into your water system, I would recommend a Reverse Osmosis system, or an RO water purifier.

==> Get your RO system here

The one featured is a five stage system that fits underneath your sink.

It comes with its own separate faucet and will provide you with clean water, free of most contaminants.

It also comes with an extra set of filters which is very convenient to get started.

The cons, (in my opinion) would be that this item relies on a water system that is up and running. Therefore, if you lose power in your region and the water doesn't work, you can't use it.

I personally would recommend having both of these products so you can always rely on a backup. An RO system would make a great addition to your water system.

water brick

Storing water at home

We're coming to the end of this article and now we need to look at solutions for storing water at home.

You could use the container above (I currently do), or you could upgrade to a great product known as the water brick.

==> Get the water brick here

The water bricks make storage easy due to their design that allows you to stack them upon one another.

This is definitely one of those products I will be investing in. each brick holds 3.5 gallons. Which is great when it comes to planning.

I love crunching numbers when it comes to preparedness. If you're interested in how much water you'd need click here to view my blog on water essentials.

LASTLY, not everyone is going to have enough space for enormous water bricks. there is however a solution to that problem. When in doubt, look towards the B.O.B. water bladder for your bath tub.

emergency preparedness

This product is only meant to come out when you need it. It will present it's own set of challenges but if you need to store water in a crunch, this is your best bet

Get the bath tub bladder here <==

Simply connect this bad boy to a water source (usually the bath faucet) and fill up your back up supply of water.

When it's all said and done...

We rely on quality products to help us get through tough times. Some of you night not no where to start or what products are good. That's what I hope to accomplish with these blogs.

I hope you find what you're looking for and in my personal opinion, I think you should TRY to have everything on this list. Obviously circumstances will dictate what you're capable of getting, but if you try to get most of whats on this list you will be more prepared than 95% of those around you.

Good luck! Be sure to sign up for our email list to stay up to date on new products and skills you can use to make your life easier.

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