Urban Farming... Sow the right seeds for an amazing harvest

Growing food in the city can be tough

Anyone living in the city can tell you that space is premium. With so many people in such a small area, growing quality food is a task in and of itself.


If you’re up to the task of creating your very own urban garden, I would recommend you get the Urban Garden Seed Kit from My Patriot Supply.

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The Urban Garden Kit has everything you need to grow quality food as well as improving your pallet

Increase the amount of nutrients you’re getting in your diet

Studies are showing a decrease in the nutritional content of our foods.

While this is due to a number of factors, It’s important to know that small scale farming can increase that nutritional value through directly impacting your soil.

In addition to nutrient lacking soils, we tend to not eat balanced diets that could further increase our nutrient intake.

By using the Urban Garden Seed Kit, not only will you increase your nutrient intake by having total control over your soil, but you’ll also increase it by getting a wider variety of foods to better improve your health.

Not all seeds are equal

If you’re new to gardening you’ll soon find that not all seeds are equal. There are many different types:

  • GMO

  • Non GMO

  • Heirloom

  • Hybrid (which is technically a form of GMO…)

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With the Urban Garden Kit you can be sure that you are getting to highest quality, Non GMO seeds that have a high germination rate and provide a great tasting product.

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Reduce your impact on the environment

While I like to stay out of the whole “climate debate”, I feel that there are two things everyone can at least come to an agreement on:

  1. Humanity produces CO2

  2. Plants breathe CO2

If we can all agree at least on those terms, than the next step is easy too. Grow your own food and reduce the amount of CO2.

This way, one group can be happy that CO2 levels are decreasing, and the other can be happy because they can say “Shut up, I’m doing my part!”

Finally, everyone can be happy because they have high quality food grown from high quality seeds.

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Enhance your food pallet at home

There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal. Well, actually there is, a home cooked meal with your own produced picked fresh that day. If you’ve never had one you should definitely should.

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The Urban Garden Seed Kit Contains the following:


  • Large Red Cherry Tomatoes (80 seeds)

  • Cayenne Long Red Pepper (3o seeds)

  • Golden Wax Beans (50 seeds)

  • Progress Number 9 Pea (40 seeds)

  • Little Finger Carrots (325 seeds)

  • Evergreen Bunching Onions (90 seeds)

  • Summer Squash Black Beauty Zucchini (50 seeds)

  • Basil Cinnamon (130 seeds)

  • Garlic Chives (120 seeds)

  • Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce (450 seeds)

  • Bulls Blood Beets (170 seeds)

  • Champion Radish (360 seeds)

What others are saying

“Living in a small space has its advantages, but not for growing one's own food. However, having this complete seed kit gives me confidence that I can now try gardening in confined spaces and be more self-sufficient in future.” - Anonymous Person June, 2017

“Good variety of seeds. Came vacuumed packed in a small pouch for carrying.” - LV January, 2017

“Lots of seeds to help keep down the grocery bill.” - Duke September, 2016

“Excellent for those with limited space, would work well with a tower garden set up.” - Robert June, 2016

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