The Survival Ration... It may save your life someday

Survival Food

When all hope is lost...

...there comes a edible product that will give you enough nourishment to function and (hopefully) get yourself to safety. This is the emergency survival ration bar.

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What's great about this product is it's simplicity. It's three days of food, all in one package.

A unique addition to your disaster kit

This is the ultimate mre. It requires no water, cooking or additional resources to process.

You don't need to be some expert survivalist to rustle this up. Just take this out of your survival kit and enjoy. If you have an emergency kit for your vehicle I would recommend adding this to it.

Food is one of the four emergency essentials. This survival food will make an excellent addition to your disaster preparedness kit.

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Emergency food that will build the best survival kit

As far as your survival kit items go, this will definitely keep you ready up to date on your emergency preparedness. If nothing bad ends up happening, it also makes great camping food.

Camping food

emergency rations

Are there down sides?

I guess with any product, someone will find something to gripe about. For the sake of making a wise purchase though, I think it's important to know the flaws.

Weight - I would not carry this as a backpacking food. There are lighter freeze dried food you can put in your bug out bag if you think walking is going to be a possibility.

Redundancy - Three days... one flavor. Granted, you will be alive but you'll also more than likely be a bit testy (though totally understandable).

Other than that this is a quality product that you COULD carry if you had to and I'd take redundancy to starving to death any day of the year. This is a great product to add to your food supply.

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What others are saying:

"The taste and consistancy greatly exceeded my expectations. One will kill your hunger, but two I don't recommend. I eat a lot and finishing two made me feel like I never wanted to eat again. But in a good way. I think the price is high. But so is the quality" - N8 November, 2017

"I like to taste test survival food before "stocking up". The taste is good, and one bar can keep you satisfied for a meal.What I didn't like was the packaging, which ended up as half crumbs when I opened them today when they arrived. I did put the solid pieces in a big zip lock bag which you will need after you open this because they are not individually sealed." - Reynold September, 2016

"I teach in "bush" Alaska, and am always looking for emergency rations to take with me hunting, ice fishing, etc. This year I'm in the Aleutians and we get very high winds and no-fly conditions for a week or more at a time. The only things flying then are the angels and the coast guard, which is for most purposes the same thing. I carry granola bars (good), Sailor boy pilot bread (the Alaska staple) and peanut butter (good but crackers are stale tasting unless toasted). Canned food and MREs are heavy, and MRE's are expensive. I just weighed 3 MREs that range from 18 ounces to 22 ounces, and are about 1200 calories each. This 3600 calorie bar weighed just over 24 ounces, far less than the 3 MREs required for the same number of calories. Survival situations in Alaska often require a lot of calories, as people tend to be wet and cold. This is a very low cost way to carry good tasting concentrated calories. I bought some of these bars and one of the three I ordered must have had a hole in it as it lost the vacuum seal. This became the one I taste tested. My wife, 2 children, and I all liked the bars, I thought they tasted like a vanilla wafer cookie, but with more of a lemon flavor than vanilla. My wife used to be a girl scout and says they taste like the lemon trefoil (shortbread) cookie. The lemon flavor is not strong, and these were sweetish, but not sweet enough to make me thirsty. I'm going to try a couple of days on these but I'm very impressed with the price and taste so far. It's pretty hard to get a day's worth of long-term storable portable food for this price." - Alaska Guy January, 2016

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