Fresh Salsa... From your own garden

There's nothing better than fresh tomato salsa from your own garden.

All you need are some garden boxes, or garden pots as well as some other small garden supplies and you're well on your way to producing restaurant style salsa without even leaving the house.

With a little bit of time working on a garden layout, you can have a small garden up and running in no time.

Fresh Salsa

If you're starting a garden, there's no better place to start than your very own salsa garden.

Gardening for beginners can seem daunting. That's what I recommend getting your seeds from My Patriot Supply. They have a special all-in-one salsa garden kit.

==> Get it here

Can you see it now?

A big bowl of corn salad, maybe an avocado salad and of course, your fresh salsa mexicana and a few salsa chips on the side... Maybe just a spoon depending on your mood.

There is nothing tastier than a homemade salsa straight from your raised garden beds. With some authentic mexican food recipes... or some of your own, as well as a well maintained kitchen garden you can create delicious homemade fresh salsa whenever you want.

salsa garden

Canning fresh salsa...

Yeah, you can do that too! Canning salsa is one of the easiest things to do. Once you've mastered your recipe simply follow your canning instructions and you're all set.

So let's recap:

  1. ==> Go to this site and purchase your salsa garden seed kit

  2. Create your garden plan

  3. Grow your food

  4. Harvest your delectable home grown food

  5. Create your salsa masterpiece

  6. can/or enjoy your one of a kind salsa

kitchen garden

gardening for beginners
canning fresh salsa

Think of the possibilities.

You could have one, or all of the following:

  • tomatillo salsa

  • habanero salsa

  • mild salsa

  • hot salsa

  • jalapeno salsa

  • chipotle salsa

  • salsa verde

At any time you want. All because you got off your butt and did something. Life should have more rewards that are this tasty.

This Kit Contains:

  • Roma Tomato (80 seeds)

  • Beefsteak Tomato (95 seeds)

  • Marion Tomato (80 seeds)

  • Grande Rio Verde Tomatillo (150 seeds)

  • Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion (70 seeds)

  • Anaheim Hot Pepper (30 seeds)

  • Jalapeno Pepper (35 seeds)

  • California Wonder Sweet Pepper (40 seeds)

  • Walla Walla Onion (50 seeds)

  • Leisure Coriander/ Cilantro (60 seeds)

What others are saying:

"All easy to grow and healthy plants." - Catherine June 2017

"I purchased several kits. One for myself and the others as gifts. I was so happy to see growth on my new garden that I gave someone an early birthday present. Now, everyone wants an "EARLY" present this year! Thanks :)" - Kathleen May 2017

"great product. I like that it comes with the main veggies and herbs to make salsa didn't have to purchase the seeds separately. it was alot cheaper purchasing the salsa garden canister then purchasing the seeds to make a salsa separate." - Cynthia July 2016

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