Best Tube Tent on the Market?

When it comes to shelter, quality should be of the upmost importance.

However, shelters come in all types. Some of us can't afford the underground bunker 50 feet beneath the earth. Some of us just need a simple outdoor tent.

==>When it comes to tube tents, I choose the Mylatech Tac-tent, found here.

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I know you might be thinking that this is just some lame mylar tent.

When in fact, this thing is anything but lame. It's light weight, camouflage and even includes an additional mylar emergency blanket. It comes in three colors and will definitely assist you should you need it.

If theres one thing I've learned from working in sales... that cost is almost tied in importance with quality. A $10 bottle of wine may taste good, but that same bottle at $30 might not taste so great. The same applies with prepping gear.

The easiest pop up tent.

This is a great 2 man tent, as well as a single person tent. At no point would I recommend this at the same price as an 4 season tent. Lucky for me it's not. This bad boy comes in at under $20!

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tents for sale

What are others saying?

"This is just what I needed and the quality is great, highly recommend." - Lynn July 9, 2017

"These tents are harder to rip when exposed to stones and sharp plants than the thicker stretchy PE ones. Mylar is the only material I'd trust for an emergency portable tent. I love that they are the perfect color for concealment." - Martins June 12, 2017

==>You can't beat this quality at this price. Look for it here.

You can also check out the video review here:

Mylatech Tac-tent FAQ

Q - Where can I find this tent?

A - This tent can be found through the manufacturer, or through this link here

Q - I need to repel the heat in an emergency, will this product do both?

A - Absolutely! Just turn the silver side out for extreme heat, and in for extreme cold.

Q - What is the size? Is it wide enough for two?

A - It sure is wide enough for two. This compact tent expands to 8' x 5'

Q - Does the package include rope?

A - Yes. The Mylatech Tac-Tent comes with the reversible mylar tent, rope, and extra emergency blanket.

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