Survival Series Part 2 of 4 (Water)

November 10, 2017



Number two of the survival essentials is water.

Without water you would not exist. It makes up the majority of our body and allows ourselves to maintain proper bodily function.


Not all water however is equal.

Some water either contains high levels of salt, bacteria, chemicals, or all of the above! Having proper water treatment and storage is paramount if you want to survive long term. Personally, it feels good to know that I have pure water. 


==> Want to get a reverse osmosis plant? Click here.  



In the video below you'll get a breakdown of why water is so important.

As well as some little tips to consider when getting your supplies together. I even listed water storage containers you can use to better prepare your survival situation.






Water filtration is key to survival.

Having the ability to filter your water is key. What is also important is having different methods to do so.


==> Check out this cool lifestraw here



I recommend having multiple filters with you when traveling.


==> A great pump action filer is available here


Having some at home is also a great idea. I personally keep a ProPur water system at my house.


==> Check out the ProPur system here























Water Storage is just as important as water filtration

Storing water both during a crisis and everyday is important. Don't take the taps running for granted. Have a little water stored away now as well as a method to store in an emergency.


==> For emergency bathtub bladders click here


I like to keep water containers that are easy to take in the event I have to leave.


I know that sounds like a stressful time to be thinking about taking water, that's why I recommend having some containers already filled.


==> Check out containers on the go here























Water bricks are great to store water at home. They stack well so you can place them somewhere out of sight and use them as needed.


==> Interested in water bricks? Click here


Remember to continue bettering your life situation. Filter and store your water. It might just save your life some day..


Water W.W.Y.S.'s latest episode on water here:








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