Magnesium Fire Starter Review

It can be difficult to get a good fire going without the right gear.

If you've ever been stuck outdoors freezing, you know what it's like to get a nice fire going.

Firestarter review

Worried about soggy matches? Lighter running out of fluid? Never learned how to start a fire with sticks? (I suggest learning...)

==> Well, you should purchase the Instant Survival Magnesium Fire Starter found here.

This is the firestarter you want in your bug out bag.

This combines all fire starters in one compact tool that will see you through the toughest of times. It works the same as having 15,000 matches.

It requires lighter fluid for the wick, which is attached to the striker for the magnesium and it looks like a small flask which is cool as well.

I don't get “giddy” about a lot of things...

...but if I’m being honest, this thing got me excited. This thing is definitely going to be an addition to my kit, and it should be a part of yours too!

==> Get the Instant survival magnesium, firestarter here.

When I look for gear for my kits, I think about four things;

  • Purpose

  • Weight

  • Functionality

  • Quality

survival lighter

This fire starter meets all four of my requirements.

It definitely meets purpose by falling under one of the four survival necessities. It's super light weight at just one ounce. It’s extremely functional by combining the match, magnesium and lighter fluid to achieve a long lasting run.

Finally, at a 15,000 match comparability this item definitely meets my quality standard. So if you’re starting a new kit, or want to update your existing one, click on this link and purchase your Instant Survival Magnesium Fire Starter today.<==

Watch the video review here:

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