EDC Bag Review

Do you ever find yourself asking, "What bag is good for my edc?"

EDC Gear Bag

EDC bags are a dime a dozen.

Anyone that tells you, “This is the best edc backpack you need!” is lying to you. It’s all subjective.

Certain bags will fit you differently, weigh differently, and look differently and, as you may know everyone has an opinion. So don’t think one bag will fit everyone.

Although, some bags will fit a lot of us. One of those is the G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack found here <==

At first I wasn’t too impressed with the bag.

I opened up the box and thought, “Wow! This bag is tiny.” Yet after further inspection I have to say, this bag is pretty sweet!.

I base all my bags on two criteria...

  • is it going to last?

  • can it hold the four survival essentials of shelter, water, fire, and food?

I’m confident enough to tell you that yes indeed it can. I was able to fit a mylar tube tent, a fire starter, 12 oz thermal water bottle, and a package of rations with more room to spare.

Now obviously you can, and will tailor your bag to suit your needs.

I however, found that I would still have enough room for a first aid kit, writing pad and pen(cil) and much more.

The front of the bag has some molle on it so you could attach a small pouch or two to add a few more items.

==> Check it out here.

Oh… and for those of you who carry...

...the backside features a pocket that will fit a standard sized pistol. Not to mention I found on the outside of that pocket is a strap that holds a spare mag quite well.

At less than $20.00 (at the time of purchase) I really do have to say that this bag is a fantastic deal. The carrying strap is 2” thick and its got matching clip attachments on each side of the bag so you can carry it left or right handed.

bug out bag
best edc bag

To be honest...

...my only complaint is the whole “Made in China” thing. I’d prefer American-made but I’m sure it’d be well over $20.00 at that point.

(Can we please bring back textile and manufacturing jobs so I can get quality merchandise like the G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack at the same price?)

Sorry, rant over. Go shop for a quality bag at an affordable price.

==> Get the G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack here.

Video Review Here:

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