Survival Series Part 1 of 4 (Shelter)

October 20, 2017

As you may know... 


...there are four basic essentials to survival and they are:






Even in that order. I decided to do a breakdown on what each essential stands for and steps you can take to prepare yourself for any upcoming calamities.
















Shelters come in many forms...

...from free, to "Oh my Lord, what do you DO for a living?" While comfort certainly is nice, it's not necessary. The only thing that matters is if the shelter will keep you safe from dangers natural or man-made.


If you're interested in getting a survival shelter

look below at some of my top picks based on your position wether it be dire, economic, comfortable, and show-off. Also, work around those picks to find a shelter that suits your climate. The last thing you want is a summer tent in the dead of winter... in the snow.


Check out these shelters in order from least expensive to the "there goes your college fund, son."


==> Check out this link for the most basic of survival shelters


==> Check out this link for an economical upgrade


==> Check out this link for a comfortable shelter solution


==> Check out this link for the shelter that shows off to your friends






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