Recommended Shelter Gear

I am a stickler for repetition


If you've noticed the pattern of this site, I want people to understand the basics of survival before they decide to "Tom Hank's it" on some gorgeous island in the South Pacific.

So, what this particular article is for, is to get you started off on the right foot as it were. No matter your skill level or financial situation, there is something in each category for everyone.

These are not end all, be all either. All I'm trying to get you to do is take the first step. Maybe you already have. If so, maybe it's time for an upgrade?

So without further ado, let get started in order.


Shelter, being the most important whether it be camping supplies or prepping is going to go first. Let's keep things orderly by recommending things in order of economics (Priced low to high).

First up is the Mylatech Tac-tent.

==> I recommend learning more about this product here

A frame tent

It's a fine tent at an affordable price ==> Find it here

Next, we have the Stansport Scout A-frame tent

==> Find the A-frame here

This tent is also very affordable but offers a little more durability then the Tac-Tent. It's great for the old school camper who wants to relive the days of scouts.

Third, we have the ALPS Mountaineering Tent

This tent is a large jump in quality from the first two at around three times the price. Still, this tent comes in under $100 so depending on what you're looking for this could be a great choice.

mountaineering tent

==> See the ALPS Mountaineering Tent here

Fourth, we come to the Hennessy Hammock Tent

==> See this outside the box tent here

best hammock tent

This tent is a personal favorite of mine as it is the one I have in my bug out bag. The biggest pro for this one is that is the most comfortable tent I've ever slept in.

The biggest con for this tent is that it's thermal properties are not very good. You'll need to lay down an emergency blanket or another sleeping bag before crawling into this bad boy.

At number five we've got the Smittybilt folded tent

Jeep Tent

I want this tent so bad it's not even funny. I guess this could be considered "camping equipment" but either way I'm Dying to strap this on my Jeep.

==> Buy the Smittybilt Tent here

Though there are easier shelters to have, this one definitely works if you're in an "on the go" situation.

I recommend at least contemplating this product if you've got an SUV, because this could be the best camping tent for you.

Glamping Gear

Finally, at number 6 we've the Delta Zulu Combo, Military Grade Tent

I suppose this falls under the "glamping" category. This may deter some dedicated campers.

However, if you happened to be in a long term survival situation in which you didn't have to continue moving would this not be an excellent choice for shelter?

==> Get the Delta Zulu Tent here

This is a four person home! I think a lot of people would feel quite comfortable in something like this.

So, I guess that whatever choice you make...

...pick the one that best suits your situation. Personally, I'm a fan of diversification when it comes to my gear. I like to have something for any situation I may find myself in.

All of the items shown are great products. Good luck in whichever you decide to do and remember to keep preparing.

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