Meet Michael Martin: The man behind "What Will You Survive"

I'm a husband, father, adventurer and thirteen year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. I've seen a lot of wild things in this world and certainly some "interesting" people.


Life is nothing more than a series of challenges we continue to overcome until one day, we don't. Survival is nothing more than getting you, and your family as far down the timeline as you can. That's why I started this site. My hope is to try and get us as far as possible.

At What Will You Survive, my goal is to provide the masses with information they can use to better prepare themselves in the event of a national disaster or political upheaval or any other madness your brain can concoct. 


In addition to videos and articles, we have clothing, links to gear you can get to improve your situation and a lot more.

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I've always had a interest in the survival of our species since I was a kid. Our planet is rarely peaceful. From mother nature's torments, to our own, it's always peaked my interest how we've survived this long.


I've also noticed that the more we progress as a society, the more we lose our knowledge of how to survive. We become too dependent on the wonders of technology when in an instant, it could be gone forever.

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